Traveling with man’s best friend – top tips

Anyone who has a dog knows that it can be hard to leave him or her behind when it is time to take a vacation.  Luckily, there are plenty of ways that pets can be taken along and nobody has to be without their four-legged friend for long.  Dogs can now travel to other countries if they have the right paperwork, but this does need careful consideration.  Long-haul flights are not much fun for dogs, so it is perhaps better to consider vacationing within reasonable traveling distance from home if the pet is coming along too.


Safe travel for dogs


It is important that any travel is made safe for the dog.  If the dog is going on a plane then they need to be housed in a suitable cage or crate. There are regulations on the minimum size of these crates and different requirements for each dog, so it is a good idea to check in advance and make sure that the needs of the pet can be met.  Some dogs do feel safer if they travel in a crate.  Before they go in the crate they should have been taken for a walk to make sure that they do not have an excess of energy and will settle easily.  Make sure that there is nothing in the crate that could hurt them, just in case they do become restless during the journey.


Most animals that are used to travel will settle quite easily, but a nervous pet may present something of a challenge to its owners.  Some owners may be tempted to purchase calming medications for them, but there are many reasons not to take this route.  Getting the dog used to travel is a much better idea than medication, as they should not become reliant on it.  If the owner is calm then the pet will be calmer too, even if it takes a short while before they settle.


Pet-friendly hotels


Travelers cannot simply turn up at a hotel with a dog in tow.  Not all hotels welcome pets, but there are plenty of hotels that do.  If the establishment is warned in advance that the guest will be bringing a dog then they can be prepared for it.  Finding a pet-friendly hotel is easy, as there are many search options on the internet that will help to track one down.  Simple hotel booking can be completed with the pet in mind, and all the details should be given to the booking service and the hotel in advance.


On arrival, it is a good idea to take the dog for a walk so that they can get used to the new surroundings and use up some of the energy that will have accumulated during the journey.  This will help the dog to stay calm.  Ask the hotel staff about walking the dog in the grounds or for details of nearby parks.  The dog will also settle much more quickly in the room if they have some of their own things with them, such as a pet bed or a couple of favorite toys. Traveling with man’s best friend – top tips ,


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