23 Things I Would Like In My Hotel Room


Bangkok hotel room

I’ve stayed in a lot of hotel rooms lately.

As hotels are a more expensive accommodation choice there are certain things that I do expect.

I am surprised at how varied the standards are. Of course I expect the features and service to vary from a 1 star to a 5 star, just as the price does. But even hotels of the same “class” can vary dramatically.

Some hotel rooms nail it with their service and facilities, others can’t even provide decent things like irons.

So below is my general list (not accounting for the star class) for all hotel operators on how to make your hotels better. And most of my changes would be a minimal cost for the hotel operators:

  1. FREE wireless internet.
  2. Green tea bags.
  3. Raw sugar.
  4. A fan and A/C so I can choose.
  5. Control over the AC, arctic temperatures just aren’t enjoyable for me. I like to feel the heat.
  6. More electrical sockets to plug stuff into.
  7. Windows that open slightly.
  8. Hot showers that don’t drip.
  9. TV that hasmore than just 500 news channels.
  10. An iron.
  11. A hairdryer.
  12. FREE wireless internet.
  13. Value for money mini-bar and room service.
  14. A book in the room with information about the hotel and area.
  15. Comfy bed with lots of pillows.
  16. Large bath towels, it is hard to dry yourself with tea towels, especially after a lukewarm shower – not pleasant.
  17. FREE wireless internet.
  18. Your twitter and facebook accounts clearly labelled on your promotional material so I can promote you (if I like you) and connect with your community.
  19. Complimentary bottles of water.
  20. A decent brand of soap and cleansers.
  21. An easy way of working the lights and the sink plug so I don’t have to call reception for instructions – that is embarrassing for me.
  22. A latch on the door so I can keep it open when I am entering in and out with my luggage.
  23. Did I mention FREE wireless internet.

Is there anything you would add to the list?

23 Things I Would Like In My Hotel Room ,


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