Creating a Travel Photobook

I know we are already into 2013 and I have declared my resolutions to get into great shape again and from a travel perspective to get the family signed up for Nexus cards, but I need to add one more, travel photobooks.

A few years ago I was really disciplined about taking the time after a trip to create a photobook online. I actually created four books over a two span from a trip to Arizona to another one at Disneyworld and even a family camp trip. Over the holidays my wife and I pulled out the books and reminisced about the memories, remembering key parts of the trip. It reminded us why we travel in the first place, and the photobooks were convenient and designed in such that way that they really tell the story of that particular trip.

If you are like us you end up taking hundreds of pictures during any given trip, come back home, drop them on your computer and there they sit, unsorted, unedited and unfortunately never really enjoyed again.

Let’s break that cycle. I am vowing to create three new travel photobooks in 2013! How many will you do? The first one will be from our wonderful trip to the Calgary Stampede last July. I wrote seven blogs and took hundreds of pictures during our ten day adventure to Calgary and parts of Alberta, but once I got home, the pictures like many other trips were quickly shuffled to a folder on my hard drive and there they still sit.

Ironically, like so many things in life, working out jumps to mind, I actually really enjoy the process once I get going, but it’s getting going that is usually the challenge. Creating a photobook is easy and a lot of fun, you just need to start.

There are many options, the site that I used previously is no longer around, they were bought by shutterfly, which I will likely give a try, but there are lots of options including picaboo and snapfish. If you don’t have a favourite already, take thirty minutes and check these ones out. They are all very intuitive and easy to use.

Now is a perfect time to started, I noticed almost all the sites are offering heavy discounts with the expected after holiday season rush. In the past our photobooks were about 32 pages with a varying number of pictures on each page. We would always order multiple books if friends or family were with us; they make such a perfect gift. The cost with shipping was around thirty dollars Canadian for each book. A real bargain in my mind.

No excuses this year and you can all hold me to it and I will update you here about my progress. Have you made travel photobooks before? Will you in 2013? Creating a Travel Photobook ,


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