The Disastrous Consequences Of the Indian Mafia

The beauty of India reaches far beyond what one can imagine.  The history of a country that goes far beyond the history of Europe or the great Roman Empire that many of us know so well.  Nothing can prepare a person for the unique experience that one will have visiting Incredible India.

There is no way to prepare for the disastrous consequences of the Indian Mafia.

Everything in India is magnified; the colors, the smells, the experiences.  This is in essence why it has been designated incredible.

To try to explain the vastness of a country with such great variation, such humility and kindness, such a range of possibility simply cannot be put into words.  A picture is worth a thousand words, but to experience India is much more than that.

To experience the Indian mafia first hand is without description.

As a tourist that travels to foreign lands one must understand that this is not our home. When traveling outside a home country we are but guests in a foreign culture.  One must adapt, respect, and follow local customs.

Varanasi India

Picture from the main ghat in Varanasi, India

The Disastrous Consequences Of the Indian Mafia ,


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