People Of India: Varanasi Edition Photo Essay

The people of India are some of the warmest, kindest, and understanding people that you could ever meet.  It is in their culture to accept what is and what isn’t.  There are many different ways to travel and all of them correct in their own form.  One of the aspects of travel that is most intriguing is connecting with the people.  I have been traveling for so long that tourist attractions around the world no longer is the sole interest on my travels.

I choose to live overseas for months at a time in order to be able to really get to know a culture. To feel it and comprehend what it stands for.  Many times a person’s face has an immense amount of character and the people of India are as interesting and exotic as it gets anywhere in the world.

In Varanasi there is a unique culmination of events as Hindu’s from around the world congregate at their holy center, the Ganges River. If one is lucky, the holy men that come to reach enlightenment will allow you take their picture with no questions ask.  If one isn’t lucky, then they will ask for compensation for the picture.  Always ask before taking someone’s picture to show respect.  One should also show the person their picture as most times they enjoy seeing themselves.

Indian Holy Man

The man of many colors sits patiently as his friend next to him naps.

Washing in the Ganges River

The man carefully cleans his silverware and eventually will bath in the holy river.

The Captain of the Ship

The captain of the ship on a cruise along the Ganges River. Recommended for a peaceful whisk away the Varanasi mafia.

Madame WanderingTrader

The Madame WanderingTrader enjoying her time connecting with the people of Varanasi.

Ganges River

Two men patiently awaiting the days end pondering life upon the Ganges River.

Indian Kids

Not a photograph taken by me (above). These were a series of photographs that were posted on a wall. Great shot of kids of India.

Man in Varanasi

A holy man stopping his lunch to allow a great shot by looking directly into the camera.

Holy Man In India

A picture taken from distance of a man leaning over discussing something with his peers.

Holy Man in Varanasi India

A man rushing down the Ghat steps to serve tea to his companions. Another thing you may not have noticed is the Cigarette in his left hand.

People Of India: Varanasi Edition Photo Essay ,


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