The Radar: Travel Lately

A tour of Paris isn't complete without the perfect cup of coffee.  (Photograph by Pablo Cuneo, Flickr)

The Radar – the best of the travel blogosphere – is a regular feature on Intelligent Travel every Wednesday.

Here’s this week’s:

  • Colorful and historical San Juan isn’t just a feast for the eyes. Here are five restaurants worth traveling for in Puerto Rico’s capital city. @OrdinaryTravelr
  • In Seoul, a city that thrives on modernity, a trip to the nearby Korean Folk Village proves a welcome, albeit touristy, respite. Experience the traditional side of Korean life in Yongin@Gadling
  • In one word, breathtaking. Yellowstone National Park embodies the glory of the American West and continues to surprise visitors time and time again. @TransAmericas 
  • Touring Paris – the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre to Saint Germain —  can be a whirlwind. You’ll need your caffeine. Luckily, there’s plenty of good coffee in this cafe-obsessed city. @sousstyle 
  • Its name may be more evocative of Nebraska than Nicaragua, but the Corn Islands prove to be a delightful Caribbean retreat. Oh, and don’t miss the coconut bread. @thatbackpacker

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