The Radar: Travel Lately

Taa Toh Lagoon in Koh Tao. (Photograph by Tph567, Flickr)

The Radar – the best of the travel blogosphere – is a regular feature on Intelligent Travel every Wednesday.


Here’s this week’s:

  • Think of Koh Tao, and well, you may not know what to think. While the Thai island’s awesome scuba scene sets it apart, it’s proving to be a paradise for travelers led by their taste buds, too. @WanderlandAlex
  • A Latin American nation with English as its official language, a former British colony with a Caribbean feel. For a study in contrasts, step aground in beautiful Belize@dangerousbiz 
  • Though there’s undoubtedly a nip to the air, the Finnish Lapland beguiles visitors with its warm, welcoming culture. Take a jaunt above the Arctic Circle with “a girl that can’t sit still.” @20stravel
  • It may be the seat of Scottish power, but Edinburgh isn’t the place to just sit around. From an urban hike to the world’s most adorable cow, here are the city’s top outdoor activities. @FourJandals
  • Is Jerusalem the most historical place in the world? This ancient city’s interwoven cultures, holy sites, and unique Middle Eastern hospitality are waiting, so, as they say in Israel, “Yalla!” @goseewrite


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