The Radar: Travel Lately

Tallinn's famous Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  (Photograph by MissTerje, Flickr)

The Radar – the best of the travel blogosphere – is a regular feature on Intelligent Travel every Wednesday.

Here’s this week’s:

  • Despite a tumultuous past, Northern Europe’s oldest capital city is experiencing a rebirth. Behold, Tallinn, Estonia and its many, many charms. @Gadling
  • New Zealand doesn’t always live up to its idyllic Tolkien-worthy reputation, but these ten beaches are pretty darn close to paradise. @FlashpackerFam
  • Sometimes the best adventures are in our own backyards. After wandering the world over, an American blogger dreams up a bucket list in the United States@LandLoper 
  • For some, Burma is a dream destination; for others, it’s a political travesty. Regardless of where you fall, here’s one person’s picks for the best books on this controversial country. @Wanderluster
  • In the midst of an epic adventure in the Galapagos, Digital Nomad Andrew Evans takes pause to share tips on how to photograph the islands’ extraordinary fauna. @WheresAndrew

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