Snowboarding with Eagle Pass Heli, BC – Stop #4 on the Powder Highway Road Trip

The Powder Highway provides over 50 different mountain operators (including eight alpine resorts, nine heli-ski tenures, 16 snowcat zones, and 21 back country outfitters) making it difficult to choose from the menu. As a professional photographer, I try and let the conditions dictate, but I’ve always been curious to discover why so many film crews visit Eagle Pass Heliskiing (EPH); so we decided to find out for ourselves…

Photograph by Will Wissmanv

Eagle Pass Heli lead guide Scott Newsome charging powder; Photograph by Will Wissman

Eagle Pass Vitals
• Eagle Pass Heliskiing (EPH) is located 20 minutes south of Revelstoke
• EPH utilizes A-Star B2 helicopters only
• EPH offers both single-day and multi-day experiences
• EPH accesses more than 270,000 acres of skiable terrain in the Monashee Mountains
• EPH recorded only three no-fly days last season

Photograph by Will Wissman

Clients hike through deep powder to reach the helicopter; Photograph by Will Wissman

Located 20 minutes from Revelstoke Mountain Resort (RMR), we met up with Scott Newsome, lead guide and co-owner of the operation. Few know this area better than Newsome, as his parents used to own and operate the local cat-skiing operation where the resort now exists. Transitioning from pro rider to mountain guide, Newsome is recognized as the first snowboarder to earn his ACMG (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides) accreditation. While his resume is notable, I must admit that I was more impressed with his ability to utilize a split-board, a type of snowboard that spits into two planks (or skis). Split-boarding enhance a snowboarder’s ability to travel in the backcountry, and Newsome sets a high standard transitioning six times in three runs.

Photograph by Will Wissman

Backcountry snowboarding at Eagle Pass Heli; Photograph by Will Wissman

It’s clear that Scott is not afraid to work hard to show us the amazing terrain in his backyard as we chase steep pillow lines all day long. With over a quarter of a million acres of permitted terrain, it’s evident that we have only begun to scratch the surface but for now at least I have a better understanding of why so many film crews choose EPH. I look forward to returning next year and staying in the luxurious Echo Bay Lodge and exploring unchartered terrain.

Photograph by Will Wissman

Along the Powder Highway; Photograph by Will Wissman

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