Lucky Landmarks

Trevi.jpgWith St. Patrick’s Day approaching, there are two things you need to be ready: Stylish green apparel and somewhere lucky to show it off. Here are a few suggestions for a charmed vacation.


The Blarney Stone – Built into the walls of Blarney Castle, the Blarney Stone is a worldwide symbol of luck. According to legend, when one kisses the Blarney Stone they are gifted with “the gift of gab.” This gift endows the lucky lips with flattering words and the power to convince. Naturally, it is a popular destination for salespeople and politicians worldwide. (I would assume)

The Trevi Fountain – This is one of Rome’s great masterpieces. The Baroque fountain was finished in 1762 by Guiseppe Pannini and has since become, arguably, the most famous fountain in history. Legend holds that those who throw a coin into the fountain are ensured a return to Rome. It’s estimated that 3,000 euros are thrown into the fountain each day. If you ask me, that’s a good enough reason to return to Rome. Just think of it as the Pot o’ Gold at the end of your rainbow.

St. Patrick’s Day is a lucky day, but don’t push your luck. When you travel, be sure to Stay with people who care℠. Best Western locations can be found nearby these and many other lucky destinations around the world.

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