Okay Blue Jays

For the first time in twenty years there is genuine interest and excitement for major league baseball in Canada. It’s hard to believe that it was exactly two decades since Joe Carter’s historic homerun to give The Toronto Blue Jays their second world series title. I was a sophomore at Brock University and suddenly I am feeling old!

Since 1993, the Blue Jays have been just an average team with no appearances in the post season. The attendance has suffered and only the hard-core baseball fans have stayed connected and involved with the team. This year however it has all changed. A deal to bring in a plethora of talented players with a new manager and suddenly the Jays are the favourite to win the American League East.


The entire country is excited and tickets to the games have become a hot commodity! Legions of fans will follow the teams every move including hitting the road with the Jays.

Here a few great options to combine a weekend getaway with your beloved Blue Jays.

Mother’s Day in “Beantown”
May 10 – 12
Spoil all the Moms out there with a trip to historic Fenway Park in Boston to catch the Jays take on the Red Sox. Best Western has 19 hotels in the Boston area to choose from! As they say, there is one just right for you!

California Dreamin’ in San Diego
May 31-June 2
Often noted for the best weather in North America, Jays versus the Padres in a great West Coast option. San Diego is the eighth largest city in the US and Best Western has 26 hotels in the area to choose from! Wake up, enjoy a free breakfast and dip your feet in the Pacific Ocean and head to the ballpark!

Houston! We have an option.
August 22 – 24
The Astros are at the opposite end of the expectation scale with most experts picking them to finish dead last. This weekend should be successful for the Jays and a great excuse to visit Texas! Not to be outdone by San Diego, Houston also has 26 Best Western properties to choose from!

It’s great to see and feel the excitement for baseball again. Are you planning to see any games and if so where? I am heading to my first game of the season this Saturday and can’t wait!

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