Road Tripping: Then and Now

hula.jpgWhen it comes to the reasons we road trip, not much has changed in the last 25 years. We set out on the open road to experience the world in a personal, hands on way. We don’t just want the view from 30,000 feet. We want to be able to stick our arms out the windows and feel the sweet smells and beautiful vistas pour over us. Road trips have always been and will always be about freedom.


However, when it comes to the ways that we road trip, a lot has changed. 25 years ago, there were no iPods, headrest TV’s, GPS, or standard airbags. In fact, it was only 28 years ago that the first state made seat belts required by law. The way we road trip is very different now from what it used to be. Here are a few suggestions for those of you wanting to enjoy the comforts and safeties of modern travel while not missing out on the appeal of vintage road tripping.

1. On-The-Way Destinations – On your way to the final destination plan several stops along the way. Along most major highways, you are sure to find interesting sites to visit every couple hundred miles. This is a good opportunity to break up the miles and stretch the legs of your restless young ones.

2. Turn Off, Tune In – It’s easy to become distracted with dvd players, mobile phones and loud stereos. But don’t let the technology in the car distract you from the beauty outside of it. Tune in the sites and sounds that surround you. Talk about it with your fellow road trippers and take lots of pictures.

3. Take the Long Way – If you were concerned about getting there quickly, you would have flown. Don’t be afraid to plan a short detour to visit the national parks and vistas you’ve only seen in books and Discovery Channel specials.

4. Tell Stories – It’s not very often that you get a captive audience for hours at a time. Take this opportunity to share fun and inspirational stories with your family and friends in the car. The more you share, the more they will. By the end of the road trip, you’re sure to have even more stories to share next time. Which brings me to my last hint.

5. Do It More Often – Kids these days aren’t accustomed to the road tripping way of travel. It may take a few trips for them to recognize the value in taking to the open road. But, be patient. In time, some of their fondest memories are sure to come from these road trips.

Road Tripping: Then and Now


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