Business Convention Travel Season – Take the Stress Out

Spring has arrived! It’s time to start thinking about sunny days, warm temperatures and the start of business convention travel. For some, it is a welcome relief from the daily grind of the office, a chance to travel to new and different cities. For others, it can be a stressful experience. Here are a few tips to make your next business convention travel a little more stress-free.


Plan ahead and do your research. Will you flying or driving to your destination? If you’re driving, plan your route carefully to avoid rush hour traffic and areas of the city that are high-crime. If there are toll roads involved, make sure you have the sufficient cash to pay the fee. And most importantly, know the name of your hotel and the address. There is most likely a Best Western hotel in the city or town where your convention is being held, so make your reservation early and the great staff will make sure your room is ready when you arrive.

Flying to your convention? Do you need to fly in a day early so you will be rested? Will you be renting a car, taking a taxi or mass transit? How long will it take you to get to the convention center from your hotel? Most of these questions can be answered before you leave the comfort of your home. Log on to your computer and research away!

The best way to remain stress-free on your travels? Once you have checked in and unpacked, hit the gym for a light workout, take a walk around the neighborhood or ask the front desk for a local restaurant or coffee shop and head over to check out the local scene and get a feel for the city you be staying in for the duration of the convention.

If you have any other tips for stress-free business convention travel, be sure to let me know!

Business Convention Travel Season – Take the Stress Out


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