The Radar: Travel Lately

Bharat Tea Plantation in Cameron Highland, Malaysia. (Photograph by Jit Shiong Yeoh, Your Shot)

The Radar – the best of the travel blogosphere – is a regular feature on Intelligent Travel every Wednesday.


Here’s this week’s:

  • One afternoon ritual is an all-day affair in this part of South Asia. Check out one blogger’s odyssey into the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia’s tea mecca. @RunawayJuno
  • Though Jordan is smaller than Kentucky, the country is big on hospitality — perhaps more so than anywhere else in the world. Why? Its people. @SeattlesTravels
  • Just outside Manila, the Tagaytay Ridge provides respite from the clamorous city below. From its food to its views, this day trip is one worth taking. @WanderlandAlex
  • Grasslands National Park isn’t the most popular park in the world. Only 10,000 people make the trek each year (Banff sees five million!), but for those who do, the Saskatchewan prairie surprises. @hikebiketravel
  • Mogadishu isn’t exactly a beacon of tourism — but it does have some pretty good espresso. Here’s a glimpse at the Somali capital, and its rebounding, coffee-crazed culture. @MatadorNetwork

The Radar: Travel Lately


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