Meet Emre Ozkara, a Private Tour Guide in Istanbul, Turkey

As a native of Turkey and Istanbul resident for more than nine years, Emre Ozkara is eager to share with you his love and knowledge of all things Turkish. Private individual and group tours to Istanbul’s most famous sights are Emre’s specialty, and his custom-made itineraries will ensure your experience will be as close to your expectations as possible.

Meet Emre!

Meet Emre!

Emre’s English is impeccable and with more than nine years of experience as a licensed private tour guide in Istanbul, he knows what it takes to make your tour unforgettable, taking you not only on private tours of famous attractions in ancient Istanbul, but also to its little-known gems. Whether you’re interested in Byazantine, Ottoman or Turkish culture and history, Emre is a knowledgeable guide who colors his tours with information about both past and present.

Additionally, Emre’s private tours aren’t just limited to Istanbul — he can arrange to take you to Cappadocia, Ephesus, Pergamon, Troy, as well as other destinations around Anatolia. This is land Emre knows intimately, and he has the ability to quickly maneuver you to the best spots and answer all your questions regarding regional history, politics, religion and culture.

Meet Emre Ozkara, a Private Tour Guide in Istanbul, Turkey


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