Five Experiences Egypt Has To Offer Different Travel Tastes

I have heard countless times people asking what is there to do in Egypt? What does Egypt have to offer for this or that kind of traveler?

And even worse, I have heard (or read comments of) people talking about Egypt saying it has nothing to offer but the pyramids in Giza and other old monuments in Luxor and Aswan.

I would like to change this perspective.

As an Egyptian who is into travel myself, I know that people in general have different tastes, and each traveler is specifically looking for a different kind of thing in the places they visit! Not everyone is a history buff that wants to see only the pyramids and Egypt is so much more.

So here you go,

Five Things Egypt Has to Offer Different Travel Tastes

1. Amazing Beaches

Sharm el Sheikh Beach

Photo by Angela Rutherford from Flickr | Sharm el Sheikh Beach. Where you can sun bathe all day long!

Who said that all of Egypt is considered to be a close-minded country where you can’t possibly even wear shorts?

I would like to invite you to Hurghada , Sharm el Sheikh and other places in Sinai (like Dahab, Taba and Nuweiba)

If you’ve ever been to any of those beach getaways in Egypt you would know that, not only it is allowed to wear your favorite bikini to the beach (yes in Egypt!), but they also have amazing waters for you swim in wearing them.

You’ll find amazing acquatic life, coral reefs and colorful fish; many amazing diving and snorkeling spots, and more centers offering day trips to those amazing diving and scuba diving spots, for next to nothing!

2. Relaxation

Are you looking for that relaxed getaway where you can lay back all day and do nothing without being hassled and just enjoy the moment?

Not all of Egypt is as loud and crowded as Cairo.

I would like to introduce you to the relaxed (and more hippie towns) of Egypt: Siwa and Dahab. With both of them totally opposite to each other, you will find the place that meets your taste!

Siwa - Relaxation.

Relaxation in Siwa in Fetnas Gardens by the salty lake

Siwa, the oasis that is literally in the middle of nowhere, lies alone in the middle of the desert at the borders of the Great Sand Sea, and at least 500 Km from any civilized city.

At Siwa you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and the culture of the Amazigh people, the nomadic tribes that have always lived the Great Sahara.

ras shitan

Camp by the Red Sea in Ras Shitan – Relaxation!!

Dahab, on the other end of Egypt, is a small relaxed hippie town on the shores of the Red Sea. Relax, enjoy the beautiful view, go for a swim and more!

Dahab also has the advantage of being so close to many other destinations in Sinai.

The best that comes to mind is the day trip you can take to St. Katherine city, where the St. Katherine monastery lies in the middle of the Sinai Mountains and is also where Moses talked to god on top of Mount Sinai.

Close to Dahab is Nuweiba, full of beach camps that are made only for relaxation…my favorite is in a place called Ras Shitan (translated to Devil’s Head!)

3. Adventure

Adrenaline. I hear you. This is my personal favorite. And Egypt is not short on that side either!


Sand drifting in the Great Sand Sea

Many adventurous things come to my mind, but the top would be the desert safaris from Siwa, or from the other oases in the middle of the Western Desert of Egypt.

Lots of sand, lots of high dunes – just being in a car with a good desert driver gives you LOADS of adrenaline!

water adventure

Water Adventures/Sports in Sharm el Sheikh – Banana Boat

Water adventure? How about diving?

There are AMAZING diving places all along the Red Sea on the Eastern side of Egypt. With Dahab and Sharm el Sheikh being on top of the list of diving spots, there are many undiscovered places along that shore!

Other adventures would include hiking in the mountainous National Park of St Katherine in Sinai, Mountain Climbing in Sinai, as well as sand surfing in the Western Desert.

Wind surfing and water surfing are also growing day by day in Egypt!

4. Historical

pyramids Panorama view

Panoramic view of the Pyramids in Cairo

You knew it’s coming, it just can’t be ignored! Egypt for the historians’ Mecca! With temples, monuments and buildings standing for 5,000 years, you can’t beat that.

I am not by any chance a professional Egyptologist, but it doesn’t take that to enjoy the fact that you’re seeing the Pyramids for example. It doesn’t take a professional to appreciate King Tut’s golden tomb.

5. An Amazing and Diverse Culture

Travel around Egypt for a while and you’ll notice the differences between Egyptians.

While it might seem like most Egyptians have so much in common, if you take it to the extremes from Alexandria to Nubia, you’ll notice a huge difference in the cultures and traditions of these places!

The people of Egypt are very kind and hospitable, especially outside the touristic places; you’ll see people genuinely happy to help you and trying their best to make sure you’re having a good day! This can also specially be witnessed in the less civilized cities or towns, like Siwa for example!


Still having second thoughts about visiting Egypt? What is your taste and how is it not met in Egypt? ;)

Five Experiences Egypt Has To Offer Different Travel Tastes


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