Taking an extra week for your travels


Sometimes a week is just not enough.

We will take travel in any form we get it. The longer the better, but this is not always possible.

Lately we have done a lot of short trips. They are just as exciting as longer trips, but there is always that element of rush to it. By the time you start to relax it’s time to come home again.

And let’s face it post-holiday blues usually sets in around the last few days of your holiday anyway, so you end up feeling like you never had that break you’d been dreaming about for months from the busyness of your work cubicle.

Sometimes we don’t take the extra week and settle for that rush time instead because we think cheap holidays can’t be found and we worry more about the bills we have to pay and not the joy we can experience travelling with our loved ones.

For the past week my insides have been jumping a little. Every time I think of our upcoming plans a firecracker of excitement goes off within me as I know our family is finally going for a much longer holiday together.

family road trip

An East Coast family road trip.

We love road trips, we love travelling as a family, and we love the East Coast of Australia as the place to do it.

We were asked last-minute to go on a seven-day cruise to the Pacific Islands in the middle of August. A cruise to Noumea and Vanuatu has been on my bucket list since I was a little girl.

I am bursting at the seams.

The cruise departs from Brisbane so instead of flying up there we decided to drive and have a week’s break along the way.

We have driven the Sydney to Gold Coast trail time and time again exploring favourite spots along the Legendary Pacific Coast drive- Newcastle, Port Macquarie, Crescent Head, Coffs Harbour, Lennox Head and Byron Bay before hitting our favourite, Coolangatta and the Gold Coast.

This is our first time as a family. It is a great road trip for families offering so much to do

Too much to do in fact.

That is why we decided that one week driving up and straight back was just not enough. We needed to take two.

What was the rush to come home anyway? To sit in the office and do what we can do from anywhere in the world? It’s our job to travel and write about it.

Sure we’d have more time for writing if we went home, but we’d be missing out on those travel moments with Kalyra and Savannah. To get the more time to write in the office we need help from family members and child care centres.

The two weeks gives us more time to celebrate all our hard work for the past two years, to experience more of our beautiful country with our girls full-time for a couple of weeks.

This extra week has now given us time to spend a couple of nights in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast. The place where Kalyra was born and our home for 18 months.

The place where every morning Kalyra and I would walk from Alexandra Headland around to the Mooloolaba point and back; an hour and a half of uninterrupted time together, just the breeze slightly blowing, the sun shining, and magnificent views.

Mooloolaba Beach

Our special beach spot

We had a special spot where we’d sit and watch the waves. I’d cuddle her close and talk to her of the wonderful life we had planned travelling the world with her Mummy and Daddy.

I’m beyond excited to take her back to the place where life first welcomed her into the world and so is she.

And it’s all because we decided to take that extra week.

Taking an extra week for your travels


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