4 Best Coastal Locations For 2014

Who haven’t dreamt of living by the sea and taking a morning bath in the refreshing water? This will really be a dream come true for many among us. Even if we cannot experience it everyday there are some interesting destinations that can help us have a glimpse of this lifestyle during our holidays. In this article we will be having a look at 4 interesting coastal destinations and hope that you will like them.


Just this name alone evoke excitement and pleasure. Indeed Barcelona is a city of nightlife and exquisite cuisine without forgetting its long sandy beach, Barceloneta beach. There you will have the chance to rent chairs, umbrella or even a bicycle in order to explore the various landscapes of the Catalonia city. A place that is definitely recommended to visit if you are looking for some great holidays near the sea.



If you are more into fine cuisine and wine then France is definitely a country that you will need to consider. And Nice will be the city you need to visit. With its 35 beaches stretched along the coast line, you will have a long time choosing the best spot for your stay. In case you are a bit bothered by a lot of people on the public beach, you will also have the opportunity to have access to private beaches for a small fee.


Rio De Janeiro

You would expect to see this city pop up in any list about the best costal destination. Obviously with beaches stretching 40km from Copacabana to Havaianas, you will have plenty of places to find your sweet spot. In fact Brazil itself is a country that is inviting for tourists and with the different attractions that is available on the country; it will be really stupid to miss it. Definitely recommended if you are looking for a samba atmosphere.


Tamarin, Mauritius

If you are looking for sea, sun and sand then this is a place that you should not miss. Located on the western coast of Mauritius, Tamarin enjoys some warm and sunny weather all year long thus making it an ideal place for vacation. You will have a large choice of hotels, bungalows and private villas to accommodate you and a wide variety of restaurants to suit any taste under the sun. Just make sure you book early especially in the peak season.

Tamarin-Mauritius 4 Best Coastal Locations For 2014


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